Shut up and Eat - Giant, delicious sandwiches. Need I say more? They make an outstanding Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

Little Big Burger - Fantastic burgers, amazing fries, tiny prices. Basically fancy-ish fast food. 

Pine State Biscuits - I feel that since I'm a southerner, I have a solid radar for good biscuits. And these, my friends, are fantastic. I'm not vegan either, but their Shiitake Mushroom Gravy is PHENOMENAL. 

Pok Pok - They have a cult following in PDX, and for good reason.

Porque No? - After living in Tucson for five years, I developed a bit of a taco obsession. This place has fantastic tacos at reasonable prices. Get Bryan's Bowl.

Lardo - I don't think this restaurant serves anything that doesn't have pig in it. So darn dreamy... They also have these Dirty Fries, which are so good it's entering PG-13 status.

Swagat - Insanely good Indian food. Like on another level. 

Ken's Artisan Pizza - Wood-fired deliciousness. This pizza is thin, crispy, and ultra-flavorful. They have some traditional pies as well as some unique flavor combinations. 

Screen Door - The wait to have brunch here is often pretty long (in excess of an hour), but the food is southern comfort meets Portland. The chicken and waffles is giant and the hushpuppies are heavenly. 

Paadee - Delicious Thai food with a fun atmosphere.