The caffeinated chronicles of a southern girl's adventures through adulthood (and Portland)...

Photo by  Rowan Bradley .

Photo by Rowan Bradley.

I started blogging in 2011 as part of a class assignment for a media course I was taking in college. My premise was simple: cook tasty, fun food and share it with people (both virtually and in person). And that is how Cooking College Chick came to be.  

College didn't last forever, though. I graduated in 2014 and soon made my way into the working world. I got a lovely job in Arizona, but blogging fell to the wayside because I barely had any time to write (let alone cook). 

And then in March of 2015, I got a fantastic opportunity to move to Portland. So I picked up my life in Arizona and just went for it. 

I decided I wanted to chronicle my adventures in my new city, so Rhyann's (Rad)ventures was born! You can still find all of my recipes from my Cooking College Chick days within the Food and Recipe Archive sections of the site, but there's a lot of other fun stuff too! 


What you'll find here:

Rad adventures, hence the name (rad)ventures.


Food pictures. Portland pictures. Nature pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.


Cool things I find in Portland.

Lots of ramblings.

The occasional recipe.

Restaurant Reviews.