CookingCollegeChick gets a new look!

I felt the blog needed a bit of sprucing up, so I've changed the theme to something a little more bright and a little more me. You'll notice that all of the posts will still be the same format, just with prettier colors. Also there are some great features that I wanted to highlight: subscribe bar, the recipe archives, the search bar, and the category cloud. This is just a quick tutorial around the site, but if you already know it, skip the reading and make something tasty!

The subscribe bar (top right) is great if you'd like an email notification anytime I post something new. Don't worry, you won't be bogged down with random emails from me, only updates about new posts.

The recipe archive, featured up top, is a great feature if you want to see everything that I've made on the blog broken down into categories. If you're looking for dinner, great. I have all my dinner recipes under that heading. Dessert? Even better, I have separate categories for chocolate and bar-type desserts. Check it out!

The search bar (right) is great if you want to find something very specific and see if I have it anywhere on the site. It brings you to wherever that search query is present in the blog, if it's there.

Finally, the category cloud (right) shows you some of the main food categories that I've been cooking up. The categories that are bigger show that I've made more of that type of food.

What do you think of the new theme???