The Hub Restaurant and Ice Creamery

I wanted to start a new section in my blog all about my foodie adventures outside of the kitchen. I don't know how often I'll post about my favorite restaurants, but I thought it would be fun. What do you think? Do you have a favorite restaurant I should know about?

I don't go out to eat frequently, but when I do, I'm the awkward person that asks the wait staff way too many questions, must be the last to order, and tries to take pictures of my food in the dim lighting of the restaurant.

Really, you can't take me anywhere.

Over spring break I visited a wonderful restaurant called The Hub in Tucson, Arizona. I had been itching to try it since I'd heard of it, salivating over their online menu full of sandwiches, mac and cheese, and homemade ice cream (You know I'm obsessed with anything that has sugar).

The atmosphere is welcoming during the day for lunch, and date-y and dim in the evening for dinner. I've been there for both lunch and dinner and loved the completely different vibes. It's modern, but also really classic.

And the food. Don't even get me started. Actually I probably should get started since this is a food blog and we're talking about food. Anyway, it definitely does not disappoint. The first time I visited, I was there for lunch and had a delicious veggie sandwich, the Vegchetta (the menu describes it as grilled vegetables, caramelized onions, portobello, herbs, ciabatta) with a side of classic macaroni and cheese. 

The second time I visited the Hub, I tried out their Tuna Noodle and loved it: seared ahi tuna was served over a bed of tiny orecchiette noodles that were bathed in a buttery sauce and tossed with al dente carrots, pearl onions, and fresh peas. It's one of those dishes that I would love to replicate at  home. It's both comforting and unique.

They also have a pretty extensive (and delicious) ice cream selection for those hot Arizona days.

The Hub Restaurant and Creamery

266 East Congress St.

Tucson, Arizona 85701

(520) 207-8201