I love... (Day 2)

In honor of Valentines day, I'm going to write a post a day about all of the things that I love. Check out Day 1! Homemade Stuffed Crust White Pizza

I love pizza.

There was a time - I'm ashamed to say - that I didn't eat pizza. Like at all.

But one day, I made homemade pizza crust and then I put homemade sauce on it and then cheese and then I ate it. And my world opened to a land of doughy, saucy, cheesy awesomeness.

White Pizza from Vero Amore in Tucson, AZ

While I loveeeee gourmet pizzas with homemade ricotta cheese and roasted squash (sounds weird, but it was one of the best I've ever had!) or sauteed mushrooms and truffle oil (also amazing), I sometimes still crave the Little Caesar's pizzas of my youth with that garlic "sauce" and the oily cardboard box. Ahhhh, childhood...

Mushroom and Truffle Oil Pizza from Cucina Urbana in San Diego, CA

What do you love? What's your favorite kind of pizza?

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