What I'm loving about Portland so far...

My move to Portland has far exceeded my expectations. Before I moved, I was really worried I would be making a huge mistake. I had only visited Portland once before and had accepted my new job before even visiting the office. I didn't really know anyone except one friend from college. I was also planning to move from one of the sunniest states to a notoriously cloudy one. Needless to say, I had my doubts.

When I moved cross country to go to college in Arizona five years ago, I was pretty miserable at first. I found it really difficult to meet people and socialize. I'm a true introvert by nature. I had to work incredibly hard in college to meet people. It really wasn't until my later years that I finally felt like my cross country move was worth it.

Perhaps it's getting older or confidence or doing one thing every day that scares me or myriad other things, but moving to Portland wasn't that hard. 

In fact, I quickly fell into a hot love affair with all of Portland. I can now see why so many people, specifically millennials, move here.

  • The People

The people here have been so darn friendly. I feel like people go out of their way to actually have a conversation with you. I'm surrounded by people with fascinating ideas and big appetites for adventures. And my coworkers? They are the coolest, most interesting bunch of people. I feel like if I had a super weird, obscure hobby, I could most definitely find someone else in the office who did also.

  • The Food

I have a Portland Page devoted primarily to what I've consumed (both food and drink) while living here. 

Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Lan Su Chinese Gardens

But seriously, some of the best, most colorful, imaginative food I've seen. Some of my favorites include Chez Dodo, Pearl Bakery, and Swagat, but there are still so many to try. This place is like a foodie playground.

  • The Outdoors

I find this place ridiculously beautiful. I'm smitten with the trees and the river and the hills. I don't think I've ever lived in a place this beautiful.

  • The Bikes

I ride my bike to work everyday. I love living in a city that makes it so easy to get around. On my ride to work alone, I pass 4 bike shops, hundreds of bike racks, and tons of other commuters. Not to mention, I feel pretty badass zipping past all the people in cars when I'm on my bike. 

All in all, this move has been one of the best (probably the best) decisions I've made. There have been several hurdles, but I feel like Portland is the city that matches my personality and heart.