Weekend Happenings - Grassroots Festival

This past weekend I went to a "little" festival called Grassroots in upstate New York. For the three of you out there actually interested in what Grassroots is, I'll indulge you. The rest of you can scroll down and take in all the photos of the pretty food, interesting sights, and beautiful crafts.

Basically, it's a ginormous four-day music and dance festival. People can camp and eat and listen to excellent music and just get there hippie on for an entire weekend.

Stormy weather didn't even keep this music-loving, dancing gal away.

The festival boasts an excessive amount of amazing eats. Here is the incredible chicken pita I had the first day I was there.

It's almost as if there's never-nothing-not going on (triple negative, I know) at the festival. These kids were making bubbles the size of cars. Okay, maybe the size of Smart Cars, but cars nonetheless!

This had to be one of my favorite treats while I was there. It was called a Macro Bowl from one of the vegetarian food booths.  A bowl of brown rice was layered with warm black beans, corn, tomatoes, and fresh spinach. Then it was topped with nutty tahini and sliced avocado. A vegan feast!

This was an incredible group called Galumpha. They danced and did some amazing acrobatics. As crazy as it may be to say, this picture doesn't even do justice to some of the interesting body contortions they did.

Black lemonade - fresh lemonade with muddled berries. Talk about refreshing.

One of the craft vendors sold these beautiful beaded animals. Just look at the intricate design!

Hot chicken curry with a jalapeno-mint chutney to go on top. This was killer in all the best ways.

My friend Alyssa got an incredible mac and cheese mixed with crawfish. Totally unusual and totally amazing.

There's nothing like an organic chocolate chip cookie. Except maybe this. Or this.

These sculptures are made from different pieces of junk metal and old instruments. The  artist is so creative and such a neat guy. Click here to visit his website, Whimsical Metal Sculpture.

So, so many excellent bands. I can't even begin to describe all the energy around me.My final meal (as if I didn't try enough tasty food) was falafel. A big favorite in my kitchen and my stomach.

What did you do this past weekend? Do you have any interesting weekend plans coming up? I'd love to hear about them!!!