Ithaca, New York

This summer I was in Ithaca doing research at Cornell University. I met some beautiful, wonderful people, had some tastyfood, and made lovely memories.

This is just one of a few posts that I'll be writing over the next few weeks (or months, knowing me) about this place. I'm sharing this with you because, although my time was brief, Ithaca has made a true impact on me. I've been gone for only a week, yet I already feel an aching in my chest for this place.

I miss my morning runs through Cornell's campus and Stewart Park (I'm telling you, this is one of the prettiest parks I've ever seen).

Stewart Park on Cayuga Lake

I miss living near College Town Bagels, or CTB as the locals call it, and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. I miss all my intern-friends and mentors. I miss the Commons, Ithaca's downtown, where there was always something interesting - and usually a little creepy - going on. I miss the hippies and the vegans and the runners and the anti-Frackers (yes, it's a Wikipedia link, don't hate).

I miss the Farmer's Market. I miss it's abundance of all things local and organic, the food vendors milling around in their booths, and the lively hum of the townsfolk out for a weekend morning of fun.

Berry Picking

But most of all, I miss Wegmans, the grocery store of my dreams. If Trader Joes and Whole Foods had a baby with a Target-sized regular grocery store and then poured awesome sauce all over it, that would be Wegmans.

McGraw Tower on the Cornell campus

One of the things that I found to be most amazing in Ithaca is the nature. It is unlike any I have ever seen (although I have lived in the desert surround by dirt for the last 2 years). It's insanely lush, breathtakingly quiet, and peaceful beyond explanation. I'll stop writing now and leave you with some of my favorite photos of this beautiful place. I know it's not food-food; instead think of it as mind-food...

View from McGraw Tower on Cornell's campus

My favorite waterfall in Ithaca. Can you see the rainbow?

Just a bit of yoga in the middle of a waterfall

I loved the architecture of this building. In the back they had a gorgeous garden.

Libe Slope, A very unforgiving hill on Cornell's campus

Another shot from the top of McGraw tower. Downtown Ithaca is in the distance.

Just one of many darling brooks found on Cornell's campus

Another shot of McGraw tower

Cornell's Big Red Barn

My most favorite part of Ithaca, the tiny dock in Stewart Park

What place has left a significant impact on you?

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