Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday [thawt-ful thurz-day] - 1) characterized by manifesting careful thought on the day of Thursday; 2) weekly blathering by Cooking College Chick; 3) a completely random non sequitur from your day. 1. Someone stole my bike between Monday night and Tuesday. I won't lie, I was pretty bummed because it's the second time that it's happened to me.

Because of this, I decided to walk from school instead of drive. And I found this...Stay Positive

I think it was a sign - or maybe it was someone who got bored and decided to spray paint the ground. Whatever it may be, it made me smile. Flowers

2. I also found these. I love Arizona flowers. They are so unbelievably bright!Campus3. I took a picture of my campus on my walk. I thought the sky was pretty. Usually there are no clouds, but on this day the sky was being playful.

4. This is my favorite watch. I got it in the little girl's section at this jewelry store. And I embrace that completely. birthday cake

5. I made this cake for my friend's 21st birthday. It was a spiced applesauce and honey cake. It was deeeeelicious.vegetarian tacos

6. The same night that I made the cake, we went out to dinner. Nearly everyone at our table got these tacos. I thought that they were pretty.

7. For Halloween yesterday I was "abstract candy corn". Abstract? Yeah, I wore an orange skirt, yellow shirt, and white headband. Only one person figured it out. Next year I probably need to think more inside the box.

8. On a sadder, but equally important note, nearly all of my family lives on Long Island in New York and have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. The amount of devastation and loss along the east coast hurts my heart. I truly hope things will begin to look up soon for everyone.

How has your Thursday been? 

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