Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday [thawt-ful thurz-day] - 1) characterized by manifesting careful thought on the day of Thursday; 2) weekly blathering by Cooking College Chick; 3) a completely random non sequitur from your day. 1. I voted in my very first election this year. I was very excited about my "voice being heard". I would tell you which candidate I chose, except I'd probably lose about half of my followers.

2. Since I got my new camera, I've been taking an obscene amount a lot of pictures. Especially of myself.

3. I love how the sky looks from my apartment in the morning. It's just so darn blue. It's the color I wish my eyes were.

4. There's something about Arizona's 90°F temperatures in November that makes me yearn for this.

5. My birthday is in 26 days and I am freaking out. Not freaking out in the "I'm getting old" sense. More like,"I am so excited that my birthday is coming so that I can make myself an extravagant cake and paint the town red".

6. I drank two coffees today. It's funny because nine months ago I was writing about how I hadn't had coffee in months. Look how far I've come. I think?

7. Sometimes I wish I carried a camera when I jog. I don't think you'd believe half of the things I see.

8. I made the MOST delicious pumpkin bread... with maple syrup and BEER! I can't wait to share it with you.

How has your Thursday been? 

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