Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday [thawt-ful thurz-day] - 1) characterized by manifesting careful thought on the day of Thursday; 2) weekly blathering by Cooking College Chick; 3) a completely random non sequitur from your day. starbucks

1) I got a drink from Starbucks. I don't know how "Rhyann" got turned into "Tandiea". Okay, I kid. It's actually my friend TanZIDa's. Is it just us, or is anyone else's name butchered at Starbucks?


2. Look at this face! How could you not melt?

free listening

3. This guy was on campus last week. He just stood there with this sign offering to listen to people. How cool is that? He told me that people actually really like sharing with him. Do you think you would share your secrets with a stranger?

sky writer

4. I was driving and saw this. And no, I didn't take a picture while I was driving. I made sure to be stopped at a stoplight. Anyway, I'm always intrigued by skywriting. I wonder what they were trying to say...

chocolate mint

5. Did you know there was a chocolate mint herb? It smells and tastes of chocolate mint! I couldn't even believe it. What is the craziest herb or flavoring that you've tried?

How has your Thursday been? 

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