Thoughtful (and Thankful) Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday [thawt-ful thurz-day] - 1) characterized by manifesting careful thought on the day of Thursday; 2) weekly blathering by Cooking College Chick; 3) a completely random non sequitur from your day. Right now I am relaxing in sunny San Diego, enjoying the company of my dad and grandparents. And let me tell you, I am so dog-gone thankful to be here. (Yes, I said dog-gone, I have to keep it PG here).

When I say "here", I don't just mean being in San Diego. I mean here in that broad, abstract, hoity-toity literary form of the word.

When I think back, over the past year, I don't even feel like the same person. I've traveled to Israel, completed an amazing internship, met new friends, and made tons of food. I've experienced some of my greatest personal challenges and struggles, but at the same time wonderful achievements.

All in all, I'm thankful for so much this year.


I'm thankful for my family - for the smartest man I will ever know (my daddy), my hot momma, and my super-cool, hip grandparents. I'm thankful for their constant support, generosity, and love.

I'm thankful for all of my extended family (and so, so thankful that they were mostly spared from the wrath of Sandy).

I'm thankful for all of my "sisters" and "moms" and "aunts" and "uncles": those that are not related to me, but whom I consider my family nonetheless. P.S. Not all of my fabulous family is pictured.


I'm thankful for my beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, giving friends.

I'm thankful that they surprise me with scones and chocolate or random (and usually incredibly inappropriate) text messages.

I'm thankful that they will run with me even though I'm slow or feel like I need to stop.

I'm thankful that they bring me my favorite soup when I am sick to make me feel better.

I'm thankful that they call me at 3AM just because they need to talk to someone.

I'm thankful that they get coffee with me and listen to me rant, or cry, or laugh, or all three simultaneously.

I'm thankful that they will continue to share an apartment with me even though I often forget to press the "cancel" button on the microwave, so it perpetually reads 7 seconds.

I'm thankful that they let me embarrass them. All. The. Time. Or maybe that they let me embarrass myself...

And most of all, I'm thankful that they are always faithfully there for me.


To name a few more things, I'm thankful for my puppy, the White Stallion, running, my education, my health, Downton Abbey, Cookie Butter, classical music, nail polish, my bike, volunteering, knee-high socks, sunny days, puffy clouds, fresh baked cookies, my strength and resilience, picture messaging, my Toms, my apartment, autumn and spring, airplanes that take me to my family, pretty flowers, tiny surprises, real hugs, fresh cut grass, lazy Saturday mornings, Ethiopian food, driving through the country in East Tennessee, yoga, swimming in the lake, hiking, and so, so many more things that I won't bore you with.

And of course, I am thankful for YOU. I am very, very thankful that you visit my site and read about my life and the food that I make. I'm thankful that you leave comments and share my little place on the internet with your friends and family. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a day full of thanks and love. And if you aren't here in the U.S. celebrating Thanksgiving, I still wish you a beautiful day with the people that make you smile.

How has your Thursday been? What are you thankful for?

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