A Day Trip(s) to the Oregon Coast

I finally made my way to the Oregon Coast. 

Before even visiting this part of Oregon, I was already in love with the state. This trip helped to cement my adoration (so much so that I feel like a creep).

There's just something about the ocean in the Pacific Northwest that feels magical. You're surrounded by large cliffs, green trees, burritos (?), friendly Oregonians. 

The first time I went, my roommates and I drove about 3.5 hours to Cape Perpetua in search of the mystical Thor's Well. It turns out that Thor's Well only appears at two very specific times of the day (both of which we missed). It was still a glorious day sun, sand, wet pants, and outlet mall shopping. 

Two days later,  I went to Indian Beach with two friends. The water was spectacularly cold, but for some reason I still went into the water (sans wet suit, obviously). The day finished with delicious tacos and drunken card games. 

I think what I love about Oregon is how wonderfully happy it makes me feel. It's beautiful, of course, but the combination of the people and the activities and the food and the bicycles make it such a lovely place to call home. 

And the food is so darn delicious. Don't even get me started.